What do you want?

Sometimes you have to know what you really want.
Just for yourself.
You've spent too much time to please others.
Instead of you.
Yes you!
You've done that so many times that you do not even know what you do want.
It’s terrible.
But not irreparable.

What you must do is find what enlightens you.
Look for what brings you joy.
What brings you love.
What brings you good feelings, satisfaction, wholeness.
Go further!
New things, new emotions are not dangerous.
So don’t be afraid. 
Opportunities are all around.
Help is coming.
Good things are waiting for you.
All the time.
Every second.
Each moment.

Please take time to know what do you want.
For you. 
For your life.
In this wonderful journey through the existence.

Life is short.
But full.
Full of rewarding and meaningful experiences.
So pick one at the time with calm and confidence.
And see what you really want, need and wish for you.
I hope it’s the best.
Always the best.

Jocelyne Gagné

(Liverpool, Nova Scotia - 2017) 


  1. What I want is to be happy for sure!

    In fact, to see people happy around me make my happiness stronger.

    It's true, sometimes , often, I let me at the second place.

    Should I? Not always!

    I let some of my dreams behind for other's dreams.

    Those words from you dear Jocelyne make me thinking about my dreams.

    We will see...one day...I will...!!!

    Ginette Leblanc

    1. Dear Ginette, the first point is very important and you are right: to be happy! People would think that purpose is too simple. Simple? Yes. Easy? Mmm?!?! It should be. ;-)

      «To see people happy around me makes my happiness stronger», this affirmation is very powerful, Ginette. It reminds me the words of Kahlil Gibran (in The Prophet): “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”

      So we always find our happiness where we put our heart. No matter who is the final recipient of our love, our joy, our enthusiasm, we always get what we give. It's a question of time.

      Thank you Ginette! xoxo


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